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Title How to use online surveys to understand human behaviour concerning window opening in terms of building energy performance
Author Fabbri, K.
Source Advances in Building Energy Research; 10, 2, pp. 213-239
Year 2016
Access date 25.08.2017
Abstract Uninhabited buildings do not require energy; therefore building energy consumption depends on user habits and domestic appliance equipment. Naturally, building energy performance (BEP) also depends on geometrical, thermophysical and heating, ventilating and air conditioning characteristics, but in this paper, we would like to focus on human behaviour. The European Union energy policy, for example, energy labelling approach or Directive energy performance building directive (EPBD) and EPBD II, adopts labelling strategies to change user choice; the aim of labelling is to improve energy user awareness. Building energy simulation software and Building Standards to evaluate BEP (e.g. European committee for standardization Umbrella) adopt some values from scientific literature, for example, domestic appliance, people presence. The ventilation rate depends on geometry; climate but also they have a main dependence on user and human behaviour. In the present paper, we report on human behaviour studied via a survey questionnaire. The goals of the paper are to estimate whether an online survey questionnaire could be used to understand user behaviour and ventilation rate values. In other words, we would like to know whether an online questionnaire could be used instead of monitoring or questionnaire interviews. Results show that if the questions are simple and basic, the results could be compared with other questionnaire methods.
Year of publication2016
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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