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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Comparing the same Questionnaire between five Online Panels: A Study of the Effect of Recruitment Strategy on Survey Results
Year 2017
Access date 15.09.2017
Abstract Selecting respondents for a web survey can be done in many different ways. Choosing a probability approach considerably limits the number of these methods. However, most available web surveys are based on nonprobability samples. The most widespread method for selecting respondents in web surveys is the use of already existing online panels. We explore the effect of different recruitment strategies for online panels on the quality of survey data. We replicated the same questionnaire (which included about 25 non-demographic, factual questions, for which aggregated administrative data was available) with five different German online panel providers. This set of online panels consists of one commercial probability sample (n = 5,000), one academic nonprobability sample (n = 2,500) and three commercial nonprobability samples (each n = 5,000), each using a different method of recruitment. We report on differences in item nonresponse, response styles and other indicators of data quality. Finally, we compare the surveys with aggregated administrative data (beyond demographics) of the same population.
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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