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Title Where, When, How and with What Do Panel Interviews Take Place and Is the Quality of Answers Affected by the Interview Situation?
Year 2017
Access date 15.09.2017
Screens are everywhere. And so, of course, are interviews. Market research now happens in real life. 
The author emphasizes the importance of the interview and its environment for several reasons: It’s the core of a good research practice. Its costs heavily affect the economic health of research businesses. The fact that we don’t see the actual interview environment might make researchers unaware of potential impacts on the answering behaviour. Panel interviews compete with multiple distractions that come with ubiquitous devices. We can assume that the interview environment is under constant change. Last not least, we need to include in our equation the beginning shift from the interview to the observation. 

A survey with a total N = 1.049 provides a comprehensive and representative picture of present-day interview environments. The respondents were free to choose time, place and device. The consistency and commitment to the online interview was measured using a fit statistic from a MaxDiff exercise. 

A large share of panel interviews is done at home. Only 2 % of the interviews can be classified as truly mobile (out-of-home, using a mobile data connection). 88 % of the resp. show a 100-%-consistency in their answering behaviour. 
The quality of the answering behaviour is largely influenced by non-situational parameters such as the general personality trait of honesty and truthfulness as measured with the HEXACO-60 personality inventory. It’s not or only to a neglectable extent affected by parameters of the actual interview situation. But, there are a few remarkable exceptions such as the consumption of alcohol prior to the interview. 

For research designs, it’s key to keep in mind in which environment panel interviews take place. For some research designs that expand the scope from lab situations to the real world the very low share of truly mobile interviews is bad news, whereas results indicate that interview environments are more homogeneous than expected. 
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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