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Title Examining Factors Impacting Online Survey Response Ratesin Educational Research: Perceptions of Graduate Students
Source Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation; 13, 29, pp. 63-74
Year 2017
Access date 16.10.2017
Abstract Background: In educational research, online survey has
become one of the most popular methods of data collection.
Academic researchers, including faculty and students, expect
and require a good response rate to their research projects
for reliable results.
Purpose: In this paper, the authors examine a wide range of
factors related to survey response rates in academic research.
Examples include email checking habits, survey design, and
attitudes toward research.
Setting: An online survey environment
Intervention: Not applicable.
Research Design: A cross-sectional quantitative research
method was used to analyze the factors that influence
participants’ email survey response rate. Data were collected
at a single point in time. The authors did not directly measure
changes that come over time in this study.
Data Collection and Analysis: After receiving the Institutional
Research Board’s approval, the researchers distributed the
survey via the American Educational Research Association
(AERA) Graduate Student Discussion List subscribers. A sample
of 454 responses was used in the final analysis-- with a 78.9 %
response rate. The authors used descriptive statistics
(percentage, average mean) and inferential statistics (chisquare
and correlations) to report the data analysis and
Findings: Results indicated that research survey response rate
was highly influenced by interests of participants, survey
structure, communication methods, and assurance of privacy
and confidentiality. The findings also suggested that male
participants were more likely to respond to surveys if they
received a reminder, and older participants were more likely
to respond if they were promised a reward.
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeJournal article