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Title Effects of sampling procedure on data quality in a web survey
Year 2017
Access date 20.10.2017
Abstract This paper examines how different sampling procedures affects variety of indicators of data quality in web surveys. Data were collected from 5 104 students who participated in EUROSTUDENT VI web survey in Croatia. In this study three different sampling procedures were applied: 1) random sample, 2) convenient sample and 3) opt-in sample that allowed access to web questionnaire from pop-up notice during their activity of registering for final exams. While efficiency of three sampling approaches is not comparable, due to unfavorable timing for last mentioned approach, descriptors of data quality are available for each recruited sample such as: completion rate, frequency of use of Don’t know answer in order to skip some questions, item non response and accuracy of answers that can be made on descriptors present in data frame. The results will be also discussed regarding to students’ and study characteristics.
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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