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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Web-Based Survey Methodology
Source Wright, Kevin B.: Web-Based Survey Methodology. Springer International Publishing AG, Switzarland
Year 2017
Database SpringerLink
Access date 23.10.2017
Abstract This chapter examines a number of issues related to online survey research designed to access populations of various stakeholders in the health care system, including patients, caregivers, and providers. Specifically, the chapter focuses on such issues as finding an adequate sampling frame for obtaining samples of online populations, measurement issues, enhancing response rates, overseeing web-based survey data collection, and data analysis issues. Moreover, it examines issues such as measurement validity and reliability in web-based surveys as well as problems with selection biases and generalizability of study findings. Finally, the chapter assesses the pros and cons of using SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics as web-survey platforms/services and their utility for studying various online contexts that may be of interest to social science and health scholars.
Year of publication2017
Bibliographic typeEdited book

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