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Title Developing automated e-survey and control tools: an application in industrial management
Source Industrial Management & Data systems, 104, 3, pp. 189-200
Year 2004
Database Emerald
Access date 20.07.2004

The application of the Internet to traditional business and administrative activities has introduced considerable digitisation and process automation. One key area of development from a research perspective is the use of electronic (e-)surveys, based on Internet technology. E-surveys can bring many benefits from a research perspective, including extremely low marginal costs, automation of processes, and the ability to collect and manage very large samples. However, experience in the use of e-surveys has found considerable challenges in achieving a quality sample frame and response rates. This paper explores the development of an e-survey tool for assessing information needs of growth enterprises in Brazil. A key learning from the use of the survey is the use of control methods for both improving the response rate, and, as a consequence, the sample frame.

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Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeJournal article