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Title Dangerous drug adulteration - an international survey of drug dealers using the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW)
Source International Journal on Drug Policy, 8, 2, pp. 71-81
Year 1997
Access date 20.07.2004
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Abstract An international sample of 80 drug dealers from 14 different countries were accessed and surveyed via the Internet on their practices of 'cutting' (adulterating/diluting) the drugs they sold. Having already established in prior research based primarily on the UK that the cutting of street drugs with dangerous substances is rare (if indeed it happens at all) and that in fact far less cuttipg of drugs with any substance by drug dealers actually occurs than is commonly thought this research sought to explore the generalisability of these findings across borders and continents. Indicative, and supportive findings, almov wholly consistent with the UK research which preceded it suggest that this is indeed the case. The issue of how to ensure anonymity on the Internet from vulnerable research groups is also briefly discussed.
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Year of publication1997
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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