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Title Internet Data Collection at the U.S. Census Bureau
Author Kanarek, H., Sedivi, B.
Year 1999
Access date 12.08.2004
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This paper summarizes the requirements, procedures, and technical options chosen by the Census Bureau to develop its Internet CSAQ capabilities. These choices were based on the CSAQ pilot tests listed in Table 1, which began in 1993 (Harley et al., 1998 and Ramos et al., 1998). Note that the early tests employed the disks-by-mail technique while the later ones employed Web surveys or concurrent disk and Web options. The sample sizes given in Table 1 are the initial test samples. Production use of CSAQ methods followed the tests with larger samples. For example, the number of companies utilizing CSAQ to report in the Company Organization Survey has grown from 89 in 1993 to 1,272 companies in 1998. These 1,272 companies provide data for 283,526 establishments, which represent 69.4 percent of the establishments in this survey.

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Year of publication1999
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