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Title Platform-dependent biases in Online Research: Do Mac users really think different?
Year 2001
Access date 18.11.2004

The technologies and software used in online research are becoming increasingly sophisticated and innovative (e.g. Web experiments written in Authorware, Java applets). However, these developments mean that potential participants unable or unwilling to run such software will be excluded. If these people differ psychologically from those who are able to participate, samples obtained using these technologies will inevitably incorporate biases. To identify such potential biases, the scores of respondents using different hardware (PC, Mac, Other) and software (Javascript enabled or not) configurations when accessing an online personality inventory were compared. Findings indicated that there are personality differences between different groups of respondents. Implications of these results for online research will be discussed.

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Year of publication2001
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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