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Title Compilation of Composite Satisfaction Index in User Satisfaction Survey
Year 2005
Access date 17.05.2005

The purpose of this study is to measure the user’s satisfaction about statistical data and to derive the strategy to increase the satisfaction level. Since 2002, the user satisfaction survey for target statistics has been conducted as part of quality assessment by Quality Management Team(QMT) in KNSO. This survey is designed in order to identify the user’s satisfaction and requirement. The key step of the survey is to build the sample frame for users of target statistics. The sample frame is composed of various sources; the delivery list of statistical reports free, the list of purchasers for publications or raw data, participants in expert meetings about statistical administrations, the list of visitors to data centers at KNSO or local branch offices, and so on. The lists seem to have the information for users; name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, etc. The survey was conducted by e-mail or postal. In particular, e-survey was conducted voluntarily to visitors to the KNSO website. The questionnaire of the user satisfaction survey consists of four separate parts ; user’s demographic information, status of utilization, satisfaction in use(13 items) and user’s personal opinions. In this study, with user’s responses about satisfaction in use(13 items), the composite satisfaction index try to be compiled for quality assessment of target statistics.

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Year of publication2005
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