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Title Comparing Web-Based Survey Methods with other Approaches: An examination of health knowledge, opinion, and behaviors.
Year 2003
Access date 07.05.2004

With the increasing popularity of web-based survey methodologies has come criticism of the limitations that these techniques carry. Among those most commonly cited is the vulnerability to response bias that often results in respondent populations that are disparate from the broader population in a variety of demographic and socio-economic characteristics.
This analysis used data from a formative assessment of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding use of vitamin supplements among women of childbearing age within a large university community. As the initial phase of a folic acid awareness/birth defect prevention program, this formative assessment used a web-based survey as one part of a three pronged data collection strategy (also including telephone-based and intercept surveying).
This paper seeks to better understand variability of respondent populations and addresses the appropriateness of certain applications of web-based survey methods in contrast to more established approaches to social research. Specific recommendations for use of web-based survey methods within a university community are discussed.

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Year of publication2003
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