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Title Going Global: Issues in Applying Internet
Year 2001
Access date 11.05.2004
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The “conventional wisdom” is that Europe’s Internet business (not including wireless) is about two years behind the U.S’. With adoption of a common currency, the Euro, and increased penetration of the technology, the Internet is becoming a more avail-able method of research globally. The number of users in Europe is expected to triple by 2003, quickly reaching the penetration rate of the U.S. (Morgan Stanley Dean Witter estimates/European Commission/Washington Post). Just as in traditional re-search, there are a host of methodological and design issues that make conducting research internationally a challenge. In this time of global commerce, the presence of the Internet offers an unique and potentially viable research option – either stand alone or in conjunction with other methods. This paper will present the results from the first of two waves of an international Internet survey conducted in 12 countries/locals, spanning Asia, Latin America, Europe and the U.S. The primary purpose of this research is to experiment and test the efficacy of Internet methods of collecting global elite opinion data in a methodologi-cally sound way. Included in our paper will be such issues/learnings/challenges/insights as international suppliers, language and technical issues and survey research challenges (recruiting, reminders and response rates).

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Year of publication2001
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations