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Title Overview of email marketing approaches (Release date: January 15th, 2017)
Author(s) Vehovar, V.

Email marketing is being increasingly recognized as a cost-effective marketing tool. Marketing research literature exposes a number of factors that affect the chance of recipient’s opening the email (subject line and sender of the email), paying attention to the email (characteristics and attractiveness of the email), and clicking through the URL link. All of the aforementioned issues, which researchers face, resemble the situation in marketing where the potential customer needs to be inspired to perform desired action. When deciding on the email design, you have to pick one of the following options: (1) solely written text, (2) mainly written text with support of graphical illustrations, and (3) mainly graphical illustrations. Variety in devices – their size and software – is making email design more and more challenging. Especially with images and HTML usage special caution is needed.