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Why do you play? The development of... Demetrovics, Z., Urbán, R., Nagygyörgy, K., Farkas, J., Zilahy, D., Mervó, B., Reindl, A., Agoston, C., Kertész, A., Harmath, E. Behavior Research Methods, 43, 3, pp. 814-825 2011

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Challenges of assessing the quality of... Struminskaya, B., Kaczmirek, L. International Total Survey Error Workshop 2012 2012
Development of a web-based survey system... Cho, Y., Han, S. H., Kang, S., Park, J. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 41, 3, pp. 247-254 2011

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The Technology Behind Mobile Research:... Macer, T. ESOMAR Congress 2013 2013
‘Looking at’, ‘Looking... Joinson, A. N. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2008 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2008

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2011 Skills for Life Survey: Headline findings... BIS Research paper number 57 2011

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A Feasibility Study of Recruiting and Maintaining... Chandler, J. Joint Statistical Meetings 2016 2016
A survey of social media usage integrating... Mishra, S. AISeL 2012
Achieving Strong Privacy in Online Survey... Zhou, Yo.; Zhou, Yi.; Chen, S.; Wu, S. S. 2017 IEEE 37th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS) 2017 pdf (550 KB)
Adult gadget ownership over time (2006-2012... Pew Research Center 2012
Advantages of a global multimodal print &... Cour, N., Saint-Joanis, G. Print and digital research forum 2013

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Affective dimensions of Internet culture King, A. B. Social Science Computer Review, 19, 4, pp. 414-430 2001

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An Experimental Comparison Of Web And Telephone... Fricker, S., Galesic, M., Tourangeau, R., Yan, T. Public Opinion Quarterly (POQ), 69, 3, pp. 370-392 2005

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Analysis of Web Survey Data based on Similarity... Chiba, R., Sato-Ilic, M. Procedia Computer Science, 12, pp. 224-229 2012

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Answering Without Reading: IMCs and Strong... Anduiza, E.; Galais, C. International Journal of Public Opinion Research; 29, 3, pp. 497-519 2017
App vs. Web for Surveys of Smartphone Users... McGeeney, K.; Keeter, S.; Igielnik, R.; Smith, A.; Rainie, L. Pew Research Center 2015 PDF (840kB)
Australia: building a 21st century readership... Green, A., White, H. Print and digital research forum 2013

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Avoiding pitfalls in Web-based research Beaulaurier, B. Public Relations Tactics, 10, 8, pp. 17 2003
Beyond response rates: Effects of different... Bosnjak, M., Marcus, B., Schuetz, A., Lindner, S., Pilischenko, S. 13th European Conference on Personality 2006
Blogosphere and Democracy in Portugal–... Carvalho, T., Casanova, J. L. XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology 2010

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Broadening Public Access to Data through... Card, J. J., Shapiro, L., Amarillas, A., McKean, E., Kuhn, T. Social Science Computer Review, 21, 3, pp. 352-359 2003

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Citizen Perceptions of Community Policing... Ballard, C., Prine, R. Social Science Computer Review, 20, 4, pp. 485-493 2002

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Clicking vs. Dragging: Different Uses of... Sikkel, D., Steenbergen, R., Gras, S. Public Opinion Quarterly (POQ), 78, 1, pp. 177-190 2014
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Designing Web Usability Nielsen, J. 2000
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Dialogistic Presence on Community College... Shadinger, D. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 37, 12, pp. 925-935(11) 2013
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Digital Audio File Recording in CATI Instruments... White, E., Kraft, J., Taylor, W. International Field Director's & Technologies Conference (IFD&TC) 2004 2004
Digital Divides: A connectivity continuum... File, T. 2012

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Digital Nation: 21st century America’... U.S. Department of commerce, National telecommunications and information administration 2010

PDF (1,33 mb)

Displaying Videos in Web Surveys: Implications... Mendelson, J.; Lee Gibson, J.; Romano Bergstrom, J. C. Social Science Computer Review; 35, 5, pp. 654-665 2017 pdf (168 KB)
Does Opinion Leadership Increase the Followers... Hwang, Y. International Journal of Social Science and Humanity, 5, 3, pp. 258-264 2015

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Does Self-Selection Affect Samples'... Khazaal, Y., van Singer, M., Chatton, A., Achab, S., Zullino, D., Rothen, S., Khan, R., Billieux, J., Thorens, G. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16, 7, pp. 44-53 2014
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Dynamic Question Ordering in Online Surveys... Early, K.; Mankoff, J.; Fienberg, S. E. Journal of Official Statistics; Submitted on 14 Jul 2016 2016 pdf (373 KB)
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PDF (55,7 kb)

Ebook readings jumps, print book reading... Rainie, L., Duggan, M. Pew Research Center 2012
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Effects of Personalization and Invitation... Trespalacios, J. H.; Perkins, R. A. TechTrends 2016 pdf (298 KB)
Electronic Voting Machines – A comparison... Callegaro, M., Peytcheva, E. 58th Annual Conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, Nashville, TN 2003

PDF (799 kb)

Essential bookmarks: Start your Web research... Frost, M. HR Magazine, 43, 2, pp. 34-38 1998
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Examining the effects of website-induced... O'Cass, A., Carlson, J. Internet Research, 20, 2, pp. 115-134 2010

pdf (161 kB)

Exploring patterns of academic usage: A... Malnar, B. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Factors Affecting Return Rates to On-Line... Cooper, J. The ASC's 5th International Conference, 2007: The Challenges of a Changing World: Developments in the Survey Process 2007

pdf (68 k)

FocusVision 2015 Annual MR Technology Report... Macer, T., Wilson, S. meaning ltd 2016 pdf (2,10 MB)
Gender Differences in Internet Addiction... Ha, Y.-M., Hwang, W. J. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 12, 5, pp. 660-669 2014
Gender-specific on-line shopping preferences... Ulbrich, F., Christensen, T., Stankus, L. Electronic Commerce Research, 11, 2, pp. 181-199(19) 2011

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Going Global: Issues in Applying Internet... Bauman, S., Jobity, N., Wilson, D., Atak, H., Deis, M., Airey, J. The American Association for () 56th Annual Conference, 2001, WAPOR 56th Annual Conference, 2003The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 56th Annual Conference, 2001 2001

pdf (407k)

Google and Kantar develop measurement panel... Connected Vision 2011
Google et Médiamétrie créent une audience... Gonzales, P. 2012
GRE® program announces big benefits... Educational Testing Service 2011
Greenfield unveils real-time sampling Research Live 2006
History of the browser user agent string Andersen, A. 2008
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How to Design a Web Survey Using Spring... Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ro.; Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ra. Annals of Annals of Annals of "Spiru Haret". Economic Series 2017 pdf 156 KB
How virtual corporate social responsibility... Korschun, D., Du, S. Journal of Business Research, 66, 9, pp. 1494–1504 2013
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Inferences from Internet Panel Studies and... Lachan, R.; Boyle, J.; Harding, R. Joint Statistical Meetings 2016 2016 pdf 840 KB 
Internet access - Households and individuals... Office for National Statistics 2012

PDF (149 kb)

Internet access - Households and individuals... Office for National Statistics 2012

PDF (329 kb)

Internet access quarterly update 2011 Q1 Office for National Statistics 2011

PDF (85,9 kb)

Internet alternatives to traditional proctored... Tippins, N. T. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2, 1, pp. 2-10 2009
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PDF (371 kb)

Internet marketing research: resources and... Forrest, E. 1997
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PDF (279 kb)

Internet-Mediated Technologies and Mixed... Hesse-Biber, S.; Griffin, A. J. Journal of Mixed Methods Research; 7, 1, pp. 43-61 2012 pdf 408 KB
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PDF (674 kb)

Little experience with technology as a cause... Struminskaya, B., Schaurer, I., Kaczmirek, L., Bandilla, W. General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2012 2012
Making Web research pay off: A research... Smith, P. Online, 23, 4, pp. 56-60 1999

PDF (9678 kb)

Marktforschung mit dem iPad-Panel von Axel... DGOF White Paper 2012

pdf (600 kb)

Measuring modern media consumption Arini, N. 2012
Measuring User Satisfaction in the Lab:... Jans, M., Romano, J. C., Ashenfelter, K. T., Krosnick, J. A. Presented at: The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 66th Annual Conference, 2011 2011
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Metering mobile usage. Insights from global... Verkasalo, H. Digital Innovators' Summit 2012

PDF (1,1 mb)

Millennials and emojis in Spain and Mexico... Bosch Jover, O.; Revilla, M. European survey research associaton conference 2017, ESRA, Lisbon 2017
Mixed Methods Sampling; A Typology With... Teddie, C.; Yu, F. Journal of Mixed Methods Research; 1, 1, pp. 77-100 2007 pdf 350 KB
Mixed Research as a Tool for Developing... Onwuegbuzie, A. J.; Bustamante, R. M.; A. A.Nelson, J. A. Journal of Mixed Methods Research; 4, 1, pp. 56-78 2009 pdf 261 KB
Mobile phone surveys in mixed mode environment... Vehovar, V. Mobile research conference 2009
Mobile, webmail, desktops: Where are we... ReturnPath 2011

PDF (1,7 mb)

Mobile-only web survey respondents Lugtig, P. J.; Toepoel, V.; Amin, A. Survey Practice; 9, 4, pp. 1-8 2016 pdf 119 KB
Mobility and Smartphones: a pilot study... Douhou, S., Scherpenzeel, A. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Mode Effects in Mixed-Mode Surveys: Prevention... de Leeuw, E. D., Dillman, D. A., Schouten, B. European survey research associaton conference 2013, ESRA, Ljubljana 2013
Mode System Effects in an Online Panel Study... Struminskaya, B.; De Leeuw, E. D.; Kaczmirek, L. methods, data, analyses, 9, 1, pp.87-110 2015

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