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Overview: Online Surveys Vehovar, V.; Lozar Manfreda, K. In N. Fielding & R. M. Lee & G. Blank (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Online Research Methods (second edition). London: Sage 2017 pdf (1,33 MB)
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Retrospective Measurement of Students’... Furthmueller, P. methods, data, analyses, 10, 1, pp. 73-96 2016 PDF (2.4 MB)
Standard Definitions Final Dispositions... AAPOR 2016 pdf (405 KB)
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PDF (317 KB)

An Introduction to Survey Research Cowles, E. L.; Nelson, E. Business Expert Press 2015
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PDF (380 KB)

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PDF (288 KB)

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PDF (775 KB)

28 Questions to Help Buyers of Online Samples... Cape, P. J.; Phillips, A.; Baker, R.; Cooke, M.; Ribeiro, E.; Terhanian, G. ESOMAR (2012) 2015

PDF (131 KB)

PDF (178 KB) (Spanish)

Methodology of the RAND Mid-Term 2014 Election... Carman, K. G; Pollack, S. RAND Working Paper Series 2015 PDF (542 KB): Supplementary Documentation...
The Web Survey Revolution Murray, D. ASC conference 2015 2015
Standard Definitions: Final Dispositions... AAPOR 2015

pdf (803 KB)

Utilizing iPads in the Field Kiser, P. International Field Directors and Technologies Conference 2015 2015
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Undisclosed Privacy: The Effect of Privacy... Haer, R., Meidert, N. Survey Practice, 7, 2 2014

pdf (1.768 KB)

Recent Books and Journals in Public Opinion... Callegaro, M. Survey Practice, 7, 2 2014

pdf (383 kb)

Methods and systems for managing an online... Mcloughlin, M. H., Seton, N., Blesy, K. Dandel Enterprises, Inc. 2014

pdf (533 KB)

Leading Edge Insights: Foundations of Quality... Fuguitt, G. Advertising Research Foundation 2014
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How to make your questionnaire mobile-ready... Cape, P. J. Quirk's Marketing Research Review, August 2013 2013

pdf (779 KB)

How Mobile Stacks Up to Traditional Online... Knowles, R. MRA 2013 Insights & Strategies Conference 2013
A standard with quality indicators for web... Nyfjaell, M. 59th ISI World Statistics Congress 2013 2013

pdf (377 KB)

Internet as a new source of information... Heerschap, N. 59th ISI World Statistics Congress 2013 2013

pdf (467 KB)

Response Burden in Official Business Surveys... Giesen, D., Bavdaz, M., Loefgren, T., Raymond-Blaess, V. NTTS 2013 - New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics 2013

pdf (129 KB)

Experiments in Obtaining Data Linkage Consent... Sakshaug, J. W., Kreuter, F. NTTS 2013 - New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics 2013

pdf (152 KB)

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Tailoring mode of data collection in longitudinal... Kaminska, O., Lynn, P. The HILDA Survey Research Conference 2013 2013

pdf (125 KB)

Designing and Doing Survey Research Andres, L. SAGE Publications 2012
Assessing the Quality of Survey Data Blasius, J. SAGE Publications 2012
Why one should incorporate the design weights... Kott, P. S. Survey Methodology, 38, 1, pp. 95-99 2012

pdf (184 kb)

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pdf (284 kb)

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pdf (623 kb)

How to provide high data quality in online... Tries, S., Nebel, S., Blanke, K. European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics, 2012 2012

pdf (140 KB)

Cognitive Evaluation of Survey Instruments... Willis, G. B. Paper presented at conference: The Future of Survey Research: Challenges and Opportunities, 2012 2012
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Transparency, Access and the Credibility... Lupia, A. Paper presented at conference: The Future of Survey Research: Challenges and Opportunities, 2012 2012
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pdf (381 KB)

Code Comparison Global Research Business Network 2012

pdf (496 KB)

Features of the Z-scoring method in graphical... Selkaelae, A., Ronkainen, S., Alasaarela, E. Quality and Quantity, 45, 3, pp. 609-621 2011
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pdf (186 kb)

Preface Coenders, G., Doreian, P. Advances in methodology and statistics (Metodolo¹ki zvezki), 8, 2, pp. 115-119 2011

pdf (155 kb)

The Impact of Non-Response Treatments on... Znidarsic, A., Ferligoj, A., Doreian, P. 58th Session of the ISI 2011 2011

pdf (169 kb)

Engagement, Consistency, Reach – why... Johnson, A., Rolfe, G. The ASC's 6th International Conference, 2011: Shifting the Boundaries of Research 2011

pdf (150 kb)

Keeping Up Appearances: Maintaining standards... Farrell, E., Hewett, K. 5th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2011 2011
Ignoring the compatibility of online questionnaires... Funke, F. 5th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2011 2011
Effects of internet data collection in business... Giesen, D. 5th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2011 2011
Standard Definitions: Final Dispositions... AAPOR 2011

pdf (709 kb)

Using break-offs in web interviews for predicting... Beukenhorst, D. Quest Workshop 2011 2011
Improving the response rate and quality... Muñoz-Leiva, F., Sánchez-Fernández, J., Montoro-Ríos, F. J., Ibáñez-Zapata, J. A. Quality and Quantity, 44, 5, pp. 1037-1052 2010

pdf (250 KB)


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pdf (322 k)

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pdf (943,2 KB)

Using KnowledgePanel® to Improve the... Dennis, J. M., Peugh, J., Graham, P. Knowledge Networks 2010

pdf (51 KB)


Choosing Between Telephone and Online for... Baker, R. P. Market Strategies International, August 2010 2010

pdf (513 KB)


Developing a Research Framework for Usability... Kaczmirek, L. In: NCRM Research Methods Festival 2010, 5th - 8th July 2010, St. Catherine's College, Oxford. 2010
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pdf (144 kb)

Establishing a Qualitative Data Archive... Smioski, A. IASSIST Quarterly, 34 (3 & 4), 35, (1 & 2), pp. 30-35 2010

pdf (230 kb)

Archiving and Re-using Qualitative and Qualitative... Stebe, J., Hudales, J., Kragelj, B. IASSIST Quarterly, 34 (3 & 4), 35, (1 & 2), pp. 50-59 2010

pdf (434 kb)

Perspectives on Web Survey Development:... Downey, K. Joint Statistical Meetings 2010 2010
Modeling non-sampling errors and participation... Biffignandi, S. Proceedings of the 45th SIS Scientific Meeting, Padova, Italy 2010

pdf (98 kb)

Codebook and explanatory note on the WageIndicator... Tijdens, K., van Zijl, S., Hughie-Williams, M., van Klaveren, M., Steinmetz, S. University of Amsterdam, AIAS Working Paper 2010

pdf (1.039 kb)

Update on the ARF’s Quality Enhancement... Pettit, R. CASRO Panel Conference, 2010 2010
Weighting Strategy for Understanding Society... Lynn, P., Kaminska, O. ESRC Working Paper Series 2010

pdf (170 kb)

Making Good Use of Survey Paradata Lynn, P., Nicolaas, G. Survey Practice, 3, 2 2010

pdf (161 KB)

Survey Methodology (Wiley Series in Survey... Groves, R. M., Fowler, F. J., Couper, M. P., Lepkowski, J. M., Singer, E., Tourangeau, R. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2009
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pdf (2,33 mb)

Improving survey response in mail and internet... Messer, B. L. Unpublished M.A. thesis. Department of Sociology. Washington State University: Pullman 2009

pdf (1,74 m)

Internet research differs from research... Lohmann, M., Schmucker, D. J. Tourism Review, 64, 1, pp. 32-47 2009
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pdf (126 k)

Using Internet survey paradata to optimize... Heerwegh, D. Symposium on Online Research: Insights Into Methods and their Application in Practice 2009
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pdf (924 k)

Summaries of Address-Based Sampling Presentations... W., Daily, G., Shuttles, D. C., Yancey, L. T., Thu Burks, A., Bourquin, C.Link, M. W. Survey Practice, June, 2009 2009

pdf (65 k)

Forum - Research 2.0: engage or give up... Oxley, M., Light, B. International Journal of Market Research, 51, 2, pp. 153-161 2009

pdf (687 k)

The Video-Enhanced Web Survey Data Quality... Fuchs, M. NTTS 2009 - New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics 2009 2009

pdf (218 k)

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pdf (785 k)

Online Research Essentials: Designing and... Russell, B., Purcell, J. Jossey-Bass 2009

pdf chapter 1 (259 k)

Money for Surveys: What about Data-Quality... A.Krosnick, J. A. General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2009 2009

pdf (1768 k)

Social Web and Self-Disclosure = Participation... Taddicken, M., Jers, C., Schenk, M. General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2009 2009

pdf (309 k)

A guide to conducting online research Gaiser, T. J., Schreiner, A. E. SAGE Publications 2009
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