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Effects of Mobile versus PC Web on Survey... Antoun, C.; Couper, M. P.; G. G.Conrad, F. G. The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 70th Annual Conference, 2015 AND Public Opinion Quarterly (POQ), 81, 1, pp. 280-306 2017 pdf (1,60 MB)
How to Design a Web Survey Using Spring... Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ro.; Bucea-Manea-Tonis, Ra. Annals of Annals of Annals of "Spiru Haret". Economic Series 2017 pdf 156 KB
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PDF (1,03 mb)

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PDF (206 KB)

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PDF (238 KB)

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pdf (1.11 MB)

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pdf (343 KB)

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PDF (1,12 mb)

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PDF (682 kb)

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pdf (1.176 KB)

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pdf (2.456 KB)

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pdf (765 KB)

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pdf (1.426 KB)

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PDF (118 kb)

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PDF (52,8 kb)

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PDF (716 kb)

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PDF (644 kb)

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PDF (371 kb)

The internet user profile of Italian families... Tozzi, A. E., Mingarelli, R., Agricola, E., Gonfiantini, M., Pandolfi, E., Carloni, E., Gesualdo, F., Dallapiccola, B. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 8, 1 2013

PDF (180 kb)

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pdf (174 kb)

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Marktforschung mit dem iPad-Panel von Axel... DGOF White Paper 2012

pdf (600 kb)

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PDF (1,02 mb)

Ebook readings jumps, print book reading... Rainie, L., Duggan, M. Pew Research Center 2012
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Internet access - Households and individuals... Office for National Statistics 2012

PDF (149 kb)

Internet access - Households and individuals... Office for National Statistics 2012

PDF (329 kb)

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PDF (279 kb)

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PDF (1,1 mb)

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PDF (181 kb)

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PDF (1,6 mb)

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PDF (587 kb)

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PDF (354 kb)

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PDF (73,7 kb)

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PDF (233 kb)

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