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ASC conference 2015


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Although there are many forms of data collection available in survey research – everything from paper questionnaires filled in by hand, to various electronic capture methods such as web surveys and CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) – practitioners nowadays often focus on a select few.

As an antidote to this necessary, but limiting, specialisation, this conference aimed to give participants a more complete view of the data collection landscape and provide an overview of each of the main methods:

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
CAPI (Computer Assister Personal Interviewing)
Web surveys
Mobile surveys (tablet, smartphone)
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and SMS (text) surveys
Mixed mode surveys (combining some or all of the above methods in a single survey)
Listening (the passive collection of information from social media)

Our speakers were all experts in their particular field, often working at the leading edge of data collection. They provided delegates with a basic understanding of the methods and their origins, assuming little or no prior knowledge. They also looked at how these methods have evolved to the present day, the situations in which they excel and how they anticipate them evolving in the coming years.

This conference was aimed at anyone working in survey research with an interest in data collection methods, regardless of their level of experience. We wanted to encourage people new to the industry to see it as an introduction to this field, while at the same time offering seasoned practitioners a glimpse of the leading edges in these fields.

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