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Blog of the month, March 2012: The latest online panel dust up

Mar 16 2012

At WebSM we started to aggregate blogs that are relevant to web survey methodology.

Relevant blogs are of four origins:Associations and media, Research organizations, Experts and Software venders

Occasionally - the intention is to do this on a monthly basis - we will also expose some of them.

For March 2012 this is "The survey geek" blog, where Reg Baker (and this time also Gregg Peterson)  writes about  profiles of professional respondents in online panels - "The latest online panel dust up". The problem here is that for a web survey of the general population an online panel is needed and the probability based panels are too expensive for the majority of needs. On the other hand, the self-selected online panels (access panels) have inherent danger that their self-recruited respondents might get spoiled and this blog provides a vivid illustration of that.


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