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Blogs in first quarter of 2012

Apr 13 2012

We have completed the upgrade (active blogs are labeled with an asterisk sign *) and review of blogs in our database for the first quarter of 2012.

There are 113 blogs on the broader WebSM list and we have identified about 90 blogs, which were active in the first quarter of 2012 (for the experts' blog, we have also included and checked blog posts in 2011).

The last checkup for new blog posts was made on 29 of March 2012.

Number of blogs were not updated for a longer time.

Among the blogs there are also some with numerous posts and unusual way of reading and searching options, which makes it difficult  to analyze and evaluate. This way, there are lots of blogs with  50 or more posts -  one blog even with 100+ posts. This makes it hard to review and sort them by relevance/quality. Of course, almost on every blog not all the post are relevant for web survey methodology.

If we take a look on our four-group WebSM classification, among non-active blogs, there were 9 survey research organizations blogs and 9 software venders blogs. There were also 7 experts blogs and 6 associations/media blogs.

You can see the full report in excel spreadsheet, where blogs are sorted by blog name, number of posts in the first quarter of 2012, number of relevant posts and number of quality posts (where simple marketing messages about trivial new features are excluded).The excel spreadsheet can be downloaded HERE.



Author: Marko Širec

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