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Apr 18 2012

Following the report for the first quarter blog posts in 2012, we have first sorted active blogs according to number of relevant posts (because typically blogs covers also some other areas, besides web survey methodology). We found only 30 blogs with three or more relevant posts in first quarter of 2012. By clicking the picture below, you can see the table and links:


In addition we identified the number of quality blog, by separating web survey methodology added value from simple blog posts which e.g. report about new features of some software (which are new only to this software, not to the industry). By clicking the picture below, you can see the table and links:


In addition, using even more subjective criteria (including design format, where we created list of Top 10 blogs, which were sorted by relevance/quality and number of posts. By clicking the picture below, you can see the table and links:


If we take a look on the upper table on top  there is blog aggregate from RTI "Surveypost" (CATEGORY: survey research organization). We have found a lot of relevant posts about web-survey methodology there and also many posts about survey methodology in general.

Particular interesting  was "Greenbook market research blog" (CATEGORY: association and media). This blog is  one of key "access point" to all blog posts, which contains the web-survey and/or market research based topics, some from in-house and many as aggregate.

The third place goes to an expert Rob Baker and his blog "The survey geek" (CATEGORY: expert). We have already pointed to one of his posts as "blog post of the month" in March.

 "Market research bulletin" (CATEGORY: associations and media) is formally  rather a professional magazine then a blog. Web page has gone through the intense redesign, so it is now more article based web-page, than a pure blog. Their last post in March was about focusing on individual respondents in selection of sample sources.

Tom H. C. Anderson's blog (CATEGORY: expert) writes about technologies, market research and particularly about analytics tools..

Research access (CATEGORY: associations and media) is blogging on market research in general, with occasionally  focus also on surveys and their technologies, with reflections on current events (e.g. "Kony 2012: Respect the Power of the crowd."), books review ("INtoramtio diet") etc.

Amplified analytics blog (CATEGORY: survey research organization) is focused on market research analytics and business intelligence, but also provides many posts on web surveys (mostly market research) and a lot of in-depth-analysis, with charts and expert explanation. We also liked the web-page design.

QuestionPRO blog (CATEGORY: software vender) goes to spot number eight provides insight into software development features, but also tips&tricks about web-survey methodology, which are not just market-based, but can be also widely used for web-surveys. 

SnapSurvey's blog (CATEGORY: software vender) has similar content as QuestionPRO blog, but it is currently more focused on mobile surveys, which are booming in the era of Android and iOS based smartphones.

SurveyPractice blog (CATEGORY: associations and media) is basically a professional journal of  survey organization AAPORl, which uses a blog format, and  thus provide numerous posts about survey-methodology, including web surveys. This is high professional place for experts.

Author: Marko Širec

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