The NEW AOIR Ethics Document

Nov 13 2012

Almost exactly ten years ago, the AOIR ethics committee sent a note asking for the AOIR members to endorse a new statement on ethical decision-making.  AIOR ethics committee now present Version 2.0 for your consideration.

They have provided a draft version of this document last year. After collecting comments and then discussing the document at the AOIR conference in Seattle, they revised to the final form.  Now, they ask for your endorsement as a membership.

The question they would like you to answer is this:

"Should AoIR endorse the ethics committee's new statement on ethical decision-making as its statement of principles of Internet research ethics, with the understanding that this statement is open to future revisions in light of additional ethical insight and/or new technological developments?"

For more information visit: (Login required).

Voting is now open, and will close midnight, November 26, Eastern Standard Time, 2012.

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