Blogs on survey gamification

Jul 04 2013

Survey gamification has been present in research world for the last two years. Researchers are still discussing about the virtues and opportunities created by gamification and also possible disadvantages. We gathered some links to the blogs relevant for survey gamification, although some blogs include post other than this topic.

Question Science is blog written by Jon Puleston. He focuses on how to design better surveys by making them more engaging consumer experiences. He also writes about market research innovation. We would like to highliht his post "Game Theory – turning surveys into games", which focus on how to introduce more game-like activities into surveys. 

The Survey Geek is blog written by Reg Baker. The blog includes topics like web surveys, mixed mode surveys, sampling etc. In one of his blogs he also wrote about Gamification.

SurveyPost, RTI international is a blog written by RTI experts on the future of social research. We would like to highlight two posts that focuses on gamification:

The LoveStats Blog is a blog written by Annie Pettit about opinions on social media market research, charts, statistics, and more. Her post "3 Problems with Gamification in Market Research #MRX" highlights three concerns about gamification.

Deborah Sleep post on The Guardian about how gaming techniques can be used to improve the quality of feedback from online research. The post is titled "Improving online market research through gamification". 

Ray Poynter also wrote a post about Understanding Gamification, published on blog Visioncritical.

Research Through Gaming Blog is based on Company Research Through Gaming, the world’s first and only company completely specializing in making Games for Research. Betty Adamou is CEO and founder of the company. She also posts blogs with related topics onRWConnect Blog.

Blackbeard Blog is a blog by Tom Ewing about the intersection of online culture and market research. He wrote a special post on survey gamification: "State Of Play: Four Types Of Research Gamification". 

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