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First blog of the month, May 2012: How do respondents answer survey questions?

Jun 16 2012

We have two blogs of the month. Here focus on the first blog of the month, SnapSurveys and  How do respondents answer survey questions

This blog talks about the concern of making the survey questions easy understandable or understandable in the way, that you have planned. The key point for good quality data is to have your "survey questions structured and worded with accuracy and survey design skills". They have also included the diagram of three steps, how does respondent approach to the question in survey. Those 3 steps are: 1) understanding, 2) considering response, 3) responding.

The truth is, that "respondents will interpret survey questions correctly and respond truthfully if you construct clear, concise, and contextually based survey questions.". 

Short statistics of the May articles on blogs in our database in general:

  • From the 114 blogs in our database, there were 68 blogs, who had one or more blog articles posted in May 2012.
  • The biggest count was 203 articles in May, on the MRweb blog.
  • There were 118 relevant articles about web-survey methodology; and from those 118, there were 38 quality articles in terms of web-survey methodology.

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Author: Marko Širec

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